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Bug,Needs etc.
Whrite if you find any bugs or anything need anywhere in the world.
5 39 Tuesday, 2009-10-27, 4:16 PM
Thread: In game Bugs.
Posted by: yoursitr
Do you got any ideas that you feel you want us to know, whrite them in here.
11 73 Tuesday, 2008-11-25, 2:31 AM
Posted by: Darkborn
Server Rules
All the server rules in here.
3 10 Tuesday, 2008-11-18, 2:08 AM
Thread: New Players
Posted by: agency5104
Upcoming events in game and on the website, as well as suggestions for events.
1 18 Sunday, 2009-02-15, 5:32 PM
Thread: Events & Events!
Posted by: andreas
GM Applications [Archive]
1 0 Monday, 2008-10-06, 10:41 PM
Thread: GM Application Format
Posted by: Pluto
Add any downloads in this forums if you want, NO ILLEGAL DOWNLOADS!
2 0 Tuesday, 2009-10-27, 4:16 PM
Thread: WotLK
Posted by: psak

Server Guides
Write guides to help others or read guides to help yourself.
8 15 Tuesday, 2008-11-18, 0:39 AM
Thread: [PLEASE STICKY] Connection G...
Posted by: aedw984342
Do you got a question which haven't been posted in the guides, write them in here.
4 2 Tuesday, 2009-10-27, 4:17 PM
Thread: Creature Drop List
Posted by: niquet

View Topic for further infomation!
7 1 Monday, 2008-10-20, 5:19 AM
Thread: Druid Donor Healing Sets(1-4)
Posted by: TheReaperofDoom

Players Voice
Music Forum
Everything about music in this forum.
2 12 Wednesday, 2008-11-26, 1:56 AM
Thread: Fave Band.
Posted by: metalhero
Off Topic Threads
Write what you want in here
16 83 Thursday, 2010-07-29, 5:50 PM
Thread: AC WoW
Posted by: Pistol
If you are banned you may post here to talk to Staff about it
1 0 Monday, 2008-10-13, 5:11 AM
Posted by: Beasted
Have a problem with a GM? Post here!
4 2 Tuesday, 2009-10-27, 4:16 PM
Thread: Resignation
Posted by: nykyo

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